Postcards from the Future exhibit

Tower Bridge, River Thames, London

Wish You Were Here? Postcards From the Future is an interesting exhibiton that just finished in London last week but well worth blogging about.

The display of 14 arresting images on display at the Museum of London, part of the London Futures climate change exhibition, show familiar views of the capital digitally transformed by illustrators Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones that provoke the mind to imagine/envision/experience the impact global warming will/may/could have in the streets of London.

“The display brings home the full impact of global warming, food scarcity, rising sea levels and how all Londoners will need to innovate and adapt to survive. Examples of the striking images include Parliament Square put to work as a rice paddy, ice skating down the Thames, Buckingham Palace surrounded by a sea of shanty housing and the Gherkin occupied by thousands of eco-refugees highlight the shocking realities we could face.”

Certainly reminds me of the projects by Squint Opera in particular their Flooded London visuals. I wonder what these illustrators would see as a provocative reaction and how the Museum of London’s programme of events and exhibition have made an impact particularly in light of recent global events.

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